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11 March 2009 @ 04:25 pm
Life update time! I am currently in Hawaii with Lucas for three weeks! We're on the island of Oahu! It's beautiful. I'm absolutely loving it. It's our second day here. We're house sitting for his dad so we're got a big house to ourselves with cable (!! i never realized how much i missed cable til i went without!) and INTERNET, omg, i've missed you. hahah. Yesterday, we went to Waikiki Beach, it was really beautiful. I cut my toes on the coral though, ouch. Then we went to dinner in downtown Honolulu. It's so awesome, it's such a different culture here, really. Also, I'm living with Lucas, and we move into our apartment May 1. It's in a really nice complex that's brand new, and a little pricey, but worth it for how nice it is, and how safe. It's in Greer. I also got my septum pierced a month or so ago, I love it. My parents won't talk to me since i moved out, but I don't really mind, I'm a lot less stressed out. Okay, picture time!
Link to my flickr account, it has mostly Hawaii pictures!

28 January 2009 @ 10:29 pm
i just moved out of my house...very scary. i'm living with janet...i share an apartment now! oh my. lucas wanted me to move in with him but i couldn't do it this soon. i'm terrified about money but i can do it. and an all expense paid three week trip to hawaii on march ninth with lucas is going to be amazing.
30 September 2008 @ 07:52 pm
While you’re deciding, the afternoon light is streaming through the windows behind the bank of the checkout counters. Take the light inside you like a blessing, like a knee in the chest, holding onto it and not letting go. Now let go.

wish i could
07 July 2008 @ 11:48 am
Okay, okay, I've been wanting/DREAMING about buzzing my head so hard lately. It would feel so liberating and life would be so much easier if I did. But I know I'd regret it so bad. But I wanttttttttttttttt to.